Company Profile

Thirty-five years of hands on knowledge comes to you with Performance Effective Management Services. We have a unique offering intended to revolutionize the field of management services. To make this happen, we provide two things that other service providers do not. We guarantee cost savings and we stick with you until implementation is complete.

Cost Savings guaranteed? How do we do it?

Through our distinctive Cost Savings Partnership Program, we partner with our clients to reduce distribution costs and work to improve services. Using a hands-on approach to management, our commitment is to make the strategies we recommend become daily business practices. To that end, we have a two-stage approach to effective implementation.

We begin by committing our resources, in partnership with our clients, applying an exclusive plan that sees our compensation based on a percentage of cost savings to the client. In other words, when it comes to addressing cost savings, we only make money if you do. In this sense, we are motivated to implement practices that are realistic, measurable and achievable because we are as committed to making it happen as you are. The second stage is to work together to assess business processes and ensure customer needs are being met.

What’s in it for your company?

Our services are intended to make you stronger today and poised to grow tomorrow. In every sense, we become an independent partner with you.


Brian McLaughlin is a proud member of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport North America (CILTNA) since 2002.